stress and hair loss in women

stress and hair loss in women seem to go hand in hand, when a woman suffers from a genetic hair loss. The number of women suffering from hair loss and stress is low. Stress seems to play a role in increasing the number of women playing with common baldness. The stress of illness, surgery or life, can be a problem of stress and hair loss in women . Stress levels are higher for women who work and family life.

The effects of stress on female hormones , stress and hair loss in women

Acute or chronic stress can wreak havoc on a woman's hormone levels. Women have higher levels of testosterone, a male hormone in their bodies. If the acute or chronic stress dramatically reduces the levels of estrogen, male hormone testosterone in the body, especially if the gene for hair loss in the family.

Genetic predisposition of a woman's genes affect hair loss that can be carried by their parents. If both parents of a woman with lower estrogen levels have baldness gene, it is unlikely that a woman suffering from hair loss due to stress. If only one parent is a carrier of the gene for hair loss, women have the opportunity to develop a common syndrome, hair loss, although it can be as dramatic as hair loss can not believe that there is no family men - stress and hair loss in women .

If a woman is experiencing a syndrome common hair loss generally will be slower than the speed with which a man can lose hair from the same syndrome. This is because the levels of estrogen slows down the process of stress and hair loss in women .

Testosterone and Estrogen

stress and hair loss in women . If a woman suffers from stress and hair loss, it does not mean that the levels of testosterone in the body of the woman was not increased. It is believed that since it is not sufficient to female hormone estrogen to avoid the influence of the male hormone testosterone, the body and the hair of a woman. This is how the syndrome is common baldness, which can be generally regarded as women male pattern baldness happen.

stress and hair loss in women can be a terrible combination. It can even lead to increased stress levels of women. This can be effectively treated if the cause of stress is treated effectively - stress and hair loss in women .

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