iodine for hair loss

iodine for hair loss You know your body into vitamin C, protein and carbohydrates, among other nutrients to survive, but you know, it also needs iodine to stay healthy? Iodine is essential to keep our body in perfect condition. Our metabolism of the cells of the thyroid iodine sufficiently monitored. The lack of iodine metabolism slows cells often leads to the loss of hair. Very few men know struggling with hair loss, which could be the reason. Not enough iodine in the diet

iodine for hair loss can affect hair loss because it directly affects the thyroid gland, which in turn directly affects the health of the hair follicles. Hair follicles are very sensitive and prone to damage. Hair follicles grow your hair healthy, shiny and healthy, thick, and healthy follicles lead opposite. The best way to ensure that you have taken enough iodine to salt to food at least once a day. All current brands of table salt with iodine for hair loss to salt to help people to consume food supplements.

iodine for hair loss When you eat the salt are limited or do not like the taste, try supplementing your diet with seaweed, such as kelp, wakame and dulse or seafood These products offer more than enough to offer to prevent the iodine for hair loss . Other foods that have iodine, but not as much as eggs, beans, potatoes, honey, garlic and watercress.

If you think that small amounts of iodine for hair loss can cause hair loss think, do not forget to check the thyroid with a basal thermometer, stick under his arm for ten minutes. Getting out of bed in the morning, the temperature on the thermometer in ten minutes will help you determine if your thyroid is working properly. Read from 97.8 to 98.2 ° C shows the healthy thyroid function. Need action every day for 5-10 days to see if the readings are correct and consistent. If the average temperature is less than 97.6, you should consult your doctor. In this case, it is almost certain that there is a small dependence of the thyroid, which may lead to a significant loss of hair - iodine for hair loss .

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