pumpkin seed oil hair loss

Pumpkin seed oil is dark green with a rich hazelnut flavor and cooking. Its flavor is sprinkled on salads or steamed vegetables, and pasta dishes surpassing finish. It should, however, be used as a frying oil at elevated temperatures can damage the structure.

The reason that this oil is a healthy manner is considered due to the combination of beneficial fatty acids, good levels of vitamin E and antioxidant carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. It also contains compounds such as beta-sitosterol and delta-7-sterine which have specific health benefits for men.

Hair Loss and DHT

It is believed that both benign prostatic hyperplasia, male pattern baldness and resultant excessive levels of DHT in the body of a man. The same beta-sitosterol, Delta-7-sterine (and perhaps unidentified compounds) in pumpkin seed oil which can help minimize the effect of DHT in prostate cells, can also help prevent This has a negative effect on our hair follicles.

There are also reports of people recommend applying the oil directly to your hair to DHT blockers. If the scalp looks green is not so appealing, try to take the crude oil pumpkin seeds with a spoon per day with a meal or poured over salad or steamed vegetables.

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