Dht and Hair Loss in Women

dht and hair loss in women can be considered as male pattern baldness. This is very common for many men experience. 20 years ago, 20% of men experiencing hair loss at the age of 50, this value increases by about 50%. This may seem hard to believe, but it's one of the reasons why the hair loss industry, the millions, if not billions, of dollars in advertising these drugs and products.

The dht and hair loss in women , although uncommon, it can still be embarrassing for some. Who wants to start peeling, especially in the 20s? Many of them are easy to deal with it, with a hat to cover his bald head. Some just think there is nothing I can do, because it is hereditary. Baldness can be caused by genetic inheritance, but it is still possible to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Although genetic factors have an impact on other causes bald is DHT. dht and hair loss in women is more common in men and is a sex hormone produced by testosterone. There are other areas of the body need DHT, but when it comes to head of hair and prostate, which can have negative effects. Known continue to make hair thinner and thinner until it finally disappeared. It's called follicular miniaturization - dht and hair loss in women .

It is an FDA approved drug named finasteride, which acts as an inhibitor of DHT. It was initially used for the treatment of prostate cancer, but also has met the treatment of dht and hair loss in women . The problem with this drug is its unpleasant side effects. Some are harder than others, but as DHT has to do with testosterone, you can guess what the side effects. The other problem is that when you start the medication for dht and hair loss in women should continue taking the medication. After stopping the results of a new growth of hair is gone within 6 months to a year.

dht and hair loss in women This is good news, however, and that is DHT hair loss can be treated with natural remedies for hair loss. Some of the solutions previously implemented to prevent leakage of DHT in the follicles of the scalp lock diet. DHT blocking hair follicles, the food they need. Movement and hence hair loss - dht and hair loss in women .

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