menopausal hair loss

menopausal hair loss . Women lose hair naturally with age. When women reach menopause, it can increase dramatically. It is normal to lose about 100 hairs a day, when we were 40, but to reach out to those who need to stop and count? When you see hair or withdrawal notice a small bald spot on top of our head start, it is called androgenic alopecia or AGA.

There are several reasons for the change in my hair . menopausal hair loss .

Hormonal changes - This is great. All women in menopause have reduced levels of estrogen and testosterone are often dominant, the "male pattern" type of hair loss. When the follicles are very sensitive to the hormone testosterone or increase the rate of hair loss exceeds the rate of hair growth.

Medications - Some medications used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, antidepressants and chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer, can be used as a side effect of hair loss.

Thyroid disease - a common disease in postmenopausal women, and a hypo active thyroid symptoms of hair loss - menopausal hair loss .

Genetics - Hair loss can be inherited - menopausal hair loss .

Stress - the stress of traumatic events and, of course, affect the condition of our hair and can cause hair loss - menopausal hair loss .

Treatments - New Hair look back at the first few months, if there are any changes in your lifestyle, this period of development. Ask yourself these questions

Have experienced a traumatic or stressful event?

Is there a new drug

Other symptoms going through menopause?

menopausal hair loss . You need a specialist such as a dermatologist or endocrinologist, and a thorough examination to determine the cause of hair loss. Nutrition can affect the quality of your hair is equally affecting the whole body. Increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. You need vitamins and iron supplements, but added that only after obtaining advice.

menopausal hair loss , In case of severe hair loss in women during menopause, current use of hormone replacement therapy to help the hair to be full and healthy again.

Although hair loss is not life threatening situation, it helps to define who we are affects our well-being. Discover all the ways that your hair looks nice - menopausal hair loss .

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