olive oil for hair loss

Olive oil for hair loss . Hair loss is a common problem for centuries and today has increased mainly because of our poor lifestyle. Be the excesses of sun, pollution, wind, or delayed sleep habits or poor nutrition, hair is the first part of our body to show it. Care for hair care, it means both internally and externally. Before we look for healing, let's discuss what causes hair loss.

olive oil for hair loss. Thus, our first enemy. Whether it's skin or hair, we have to keep them away from direct sunlight. Sun actually burns the hair. The main cause of dry hair is excessive sun exposure. Then comes the pollution. Pollution is not only bad for the lungs, but also our skin and hair. The pollution causes many types of chemicals and dirt are deposited in our body, and not maintaining proper hygiene, these deposits can increase the acid in our scalp and pulling her hair. This makes it more of hair breakage is not able to launch their working life.

Now, what is the impact of our lifestyle on our body. It is not the right time to sleep, go to extreme diets to stay slim and fit, the supply of nutrition that body needs, taking dietary supplements, do not always have the time to relax, do all these things that are causing the havoc on our bodies and clearly visible on the hair - olive oil for hair loss .

I want to share with you a home remedy to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. olive oil for hair loss is the answer to all our ills. Extra virgin olive oil, the purest form of olive oil for hair loss antibacterial properties. The regular use of olive oil for hair loss on the scalp in the area of ​​the scalp to kill the bacteria and help in the growth of healthy hair. Conduct a weekly hot oil treatment with olive oil. This would improve the health of the scalp and hair, making it shiny in appearance, with a soft and bulky.

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