alopecia areata hair loss

alopecia areata hair loss or baldness, as is known, are small round spots of losing your hair. As a rule, the scalp, but can be of other body parts. This is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks the hair follicles. Cause of alopecia areata hair loss is unknown, but appears to be genetic transmission.

This type of hair loss affects about 2% of the population at some point in their lives. E 'can change the conditions of intensity depending on the amount and description of hair loss. alopecia areata hair loss totalis describes the state of a person who lost the entire scalp. Alopecia universalis happens when people lose their entire body, including eyebrows, eyelashes and hair. Monolocularis areata describes hair loss in one place. alopecia areata hair loss multilocularis is the hair loss and various body parts.

The disease usually begins in small circular plates of alopecia - usually on the scalp - but it could be a part of the body where hair. This can beards, mustaches, public places and other parts bearings body hair appear. In some cases, the hair will grow, and in other cases, the disease go into remission, but it is not always the case. And in some cases, hair growth, then fall again. Sometimes the affected nail and the development of teeth or holes. The disease is unpredictable, because each different. Happens there is always the possibility of complete regeneration, but in no other way to know in advance. The time can be adjusted or sample loss and regrowth takes years - alopecia areata hair loss .

Although alopecia areata hair loss is not considered a serious disease that resembles a higher incidence of certain diseases in people with other people, such as other autoimmune diseases and allergies. alopecia areata hair loss but not usually severe symptoms than occasional irritation and itching, causing bald spots.

Because other conditions that can cause hair loss in some parts of the diagnosis includes the elimination of other diseases. Some diseases are curable, so it is important to rule out that the decision of alopecia areata hair loss . The diagnosis is a biopsy of the skin of the scalp or skin, or your doctor can draw around the patch of hair. The hair is easier to lock the can suggests that alopecia areata hair loss .

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