hard water hair loss

hard water hair loss . Hard water contains a large amount of dissolved minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. Many people believe that hard water can cause hair loss if it is used for bathing on a regular basis. Although clinical research has no connection between hard water hair loss found, many people are not yet convinced. He is believed to be due to the binding of minerals from hard water cause dryness of the skin and eventually stop the dilution. Others claim that can weigh hair down while hard water and make it look thinner, there is a strong link between hard water hair loss .

One disadvantage of hard water hair loss is a problem that many people. With its mineral content, hard water, the hair feels dry and wire break event. If hair breakage close to the scalp, it may seem as if the hair of a person falls into a higher rate. This can cause further break Some people believe there is a link between hard water hair loss . Severe or sudden loss of hair, but it is not normal and can be attributed to the last rinse water.

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